Vibration sensors mod

I made this vibration sensor as a solution to my weak doorbell. It fits neatly below the antenna. It’s pretty sensitive and works well. I attached it to one of one of the doorbell chimes and it triggers a video recording and notifies me. The part cost less than $1, but a little delicate to solder though so I screwed up a couple. It could also be used as a window tamper sensor or as someone else noted, an alert to notify you when the washing machine is out of balance.


I’d like to experiment with that. Could you go a little more in-depth on the part, where to buy and where it’s being soldered?

This is what one looks like in a cut-away. There’s a wire running up the center of the coil that when bumped hard enough makes contact with the coil closing the circuit. I attached the vibration sensor where the reed switch was. I got 10 for .80 from AliExpress. It would be soldered where the green arrows indicate. I also bought some of these to play with. Fun stuff. (BTW, not my images)

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Oh sweet! Thanks! I have ideas flowing…

Feel free to share.

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