Very important features to keep up with the competition

For Wyze to compete with the TP-LINK bulb and be able to keep customers or get new ones you need these features .

  1. Schedule times to turn off and on the Wyze bulbs

  1. Last state on / off options

  2. The Wyze bulbs scenes are more like the Kasa AKA TP-Links’ presets .

  3. To be called a scene it should be able to be be seen in the google home app as a scene.

Please these features are not optional they are a must.

I have moved this topic from #wishlist to #ask-the-community for now. Submissions for #wishlist need to be single-subject so they can be voted on individually.

For #1, that can already be done by using the Shortcuts feature in the app.

For #2, I’m not sure what you mean here. A much more detailed explanation is required.

For #3/4 they seem to be the same thing. Please submit this as a separate #wishlist request.

Please search in #wishlist and #roadmap before submitting.

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JThank you , I’m new to this process . I will continue to learn and share my ideas to help make Wyze great !! :smiley:

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