Verizon wants me to update Router Software for SON?

I received an email this morning from Verizon telling me that there is new software that will allow me to combine 2.4 and 5 Wi-Fi bands. This doesn’t sound like a good idea to me since we’re always having trouble keeping cameras and sensors on 2.4 any ideas what this new software is about?

Screenshot_20191115-081203|348x500 ?

Thanks Chas

That’s a dangerous point.
Our landline phone was getting poor reception.
Verizon refused to maintain my copper land line and insisted we go to fiber. My wife insisted on maintaining a landline. So when the power goes out we still had phone.
Verizon assured me that they had a battery backup. What they didn’t tell us is that it takes 24 D cell batteries to power it for 24 hours. And the batteries need to be replaced annually to ensure everything works.
Probably will drop the landline soon.

Says they already pushed the software upgrade to your router. Activating SON is optional - ignore it.

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