Vehicle triggers for alerts

Of late, I am getting alerts for Vehicles, in addition to People. Any way to separate the vehicles out of the alerts? Every time a car drives by, I get an alert on my iPhone.

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When a car drives by, and fits the rest of your trigger preferences, it should be a notification. However, if a vehicle is parked, most wish it wouldn’t be included. A way to throttle notifications is to go to Services Tab > Cam Plus > [camera] to turn Vehicle Detection off.


@Newshound, wow, nice save there. I was going to get myself in trouble. I was just about to suggest turning off the iPhone. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :rofl: Okay-okay, I know that’s not nice. But I was in a silly mood and it was going to be hard to pass up. Sure glad now that I didn’t do that, eh?

Thank you for the information, however I was lucky enough to get in on the 100 licenses for a single fee. That option seems to have the subset of notifications removed from it.
I thought I was loosing my mind, I remembered that screen you showed, but could not locate it… I guess I’ll wait for Wyze to reintroduce it.

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Wyze responded to one of my Posts with this:

So hopefully the updates will be released soon.


THANK YOU for this information. My phone, watch and everything was going off with every passing car and the detection settings didn’t stop it. You have saved my sanity!!

I just did a reply to your topic, and listed the currently available version, which is not the one that works. I am reverting to the production version.

Reverted to production version, and the ability to suppress automobile triggers is there, and seems to work.

Yea, I have been waiting for it as well. I responded to one of your posts, here is a link to what works if you are on iOS. I am hoping they get the fix out soon as others don’t have both iOS and Android Devices, I am lucky in that I do.

If you want to set the AI settings.

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