Various questions that my inquiring mind is asking me

Is there any way to access my base station from the Internet?

Can I connect to the base station from my network using a web browser (not the app)?

Is it possible to copy the videos from the base station to my NAS?

What ports/protocols are used between the outdoor cam and the base station (IK it is wireless, but is it TCP, UDP, some other, etc)?

Sure, with the Wyze app. :slight_smile:

Not that I know of.

I think so, if you pull the SD card. But not across the network?

Most answers are what I was expecting, but your first one I am not sureā€¦ You are saying that if I am at the grocery store or somewhere outside the home I can connect to my base station via the app.

For the last one (ports and protocols) I was talking which ports/protocols are used to connect to the station from the App (I should had been more specific). I guess I will connected to my network with a network tap via ethernet and copy all the traffic to a network sniffer to see how the communication is taking place.