Vacuum Quick Mapping - Under sofa inaccessible

Feedback to the mapping team…

Using the Quick mapping option to map the layout of the ground floor - it works remarkably well, however, it scans the sofas (2 of them, which are on legs, and have sufficient clearance to get under) and marks the areas as inaccessible.

So, when I do a scheduled cleaning using the selected room - it will vacuum around the sofas.
However, if I do an ad-hoc cleaning, the unit will correctly vacuum beneath.

Is there any way to either fix this, or add an option in the map editor to manually adjust the map data?


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Hello, have you found a solution to this, or received any feedback? I just got my robot and noticed the same thing.
At first time use, I did not run a QUick Mapping but went straight to clean, and it did vacuum under the sofas. However, it was traveling very inefficiently since it had to build a map and vacuum-scan it at the same time.
I reset the map and did Quick Mapping first, and at that point the scanning strategy seemed much better. However, it did go around the sofas and not underneath :frowning:

Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

I have a similar challenge.

An entire room was missed on the Quickmap. General Cleaning will get it. But short of redoing the initial mapping, and redoing all of my rooms again, I can’t erase one line to be able to add that room.

Can we please get the ability to further edit the map? Seems like an easy fix.