Vacuum Mapping Issues

The vacuum is incredible with its mapping ability. I have the original Neatobot Wifi and the newer Sharkbot. The Sharkbot is very very dumb compared to the Wyze bot and does not pickup a whole lot. Just for reference, it took Sharkbot 28 days of sweeping to successfully make a map, how frustrating. It gets stuck or loses where it at least once in its cleaning for the day. The Neatobot is broken and the Sharkbot will be relegated to the basement if I can get the Wyze bot to work well.

My issue is that it is mapping my drapes as part of the wall and avoiding sweeping under them. I have dogs and cats that like to lay behind or near the drapes and would appreciate it if the Wyzebot could sweep against the wall pushing on the drapes a bit. My other two bots did get under the drapes.

I had an issue this morning starting the bot up and told it to clean, it did about 100 feet and said it was done cleaning, no idea why. My house is larger and the bot can’t finish the sweeping in less than 3 charges or more. I don’t know for sure because of it getting stuck under a coffee table. It also tries to finish my house by charging only to 50% before restarting to clean. I hope it gets smart enough to know that it should charge a little more to do my house in perhaps 2-3 charges instead of going back all the time and restarting at 50%. Also, now that I wiped the map, I have to quickly somehow draw a barrier around a low shelved coffee table (see my other post on Vac getting stuck). The issue is if I don’t get the barrier up in time I have to rescue the bot and it keeps trying to go under the shelf again and again then I have to send it home leaving the map incomplete.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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