Vacuum map edit, path optimisation, and docking issues

Room Splits
On beta mode, I tried to edit the map and split rooms, but while splitting, it does not allow me to use the boundary of an existing split as an end point. It recognises walls but is unable to take them as end points as well. Therefore i’m unable to make good splits.

Most times, the bot reaches the docking station successfully but refuses to stay put. It gets into a loop and after a while it requires manual intervention. Also, when bot finishes cleaning and is on its way to the docking station, the pause button is disabled! It would help to have this enabled if I need to stop it for clearing out the bin.

Path Optimisation
Bot does well in an unobstructed landscape. The minute it encounters chairs or other such objects, it is thrown off it’s seemingly optimum path and make multiple unnecessary movements that lead to a smaller coverage on the same charge.


  1. Can app show how full the bin is?
  2. Can Multiple maps be stored so I could operate the bot on different floors?
  3. Can app allow selection of the direction of cleaning (horizontal/vertical/diagonal)?
  4. Can virtual walls be free handed or the wall shapes be tweaked?

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