Vacuum feature request - Set what battery level to return at, and height clearance in MM to accept

  1. BATTERY In the new Beta software (v2.17.7) the vacuum tends to return from a long distance away with only 5% battery remaining, which isn’t quite enough for it to return. (It doesn’t help that the vacuum and rollers are running on return, when they really don’t need to be). A setting to set what battery level to return with (10, or 12% would be ideal for my space) would be helpful.

  2. HEIGHT I have an indoor grill that is EXACTLY the height of the vacuum, so the vacuum accepts that height for rolling under, but then gets stuck on a bolt or small piece of metal. If I could adjust from the default acceptable height in MM to something a little more strict, it would help prevent it from routinely getting stuck from those places.

Using version 2.17.7 of the software, and 1.6.97. Two vacuums, same problem.

The grill problem, fixed by allowing an adjustment on the acceptable height to go under.

These are two great ideas. I would recommend creating a wishlist for this if there isn’t already one out there so people can vote for your ideas.

Is that function here in this forum?

Go here: Wishlist - Wyze Forum
Click “new topic” in the upper right corner.
Title it what feature you’d like and add a description.
Do this for each #wishlist item.
Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!

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