Vacuum bug - Virtual walls keep disappearing, becoming "inverted"

  • Software version: Beta app 2.17.7
  • Vacuum device version: 1.6.97
  • Two vacuums

PROBLEM: It seems once I get a sufficiently large amount of my space mapped out (approximately 1,200 FT^2), the virtual walls will…

  1. … Not often save when I make changes. Workaround: I found if I edit one wall at a time and save, it has a higher chance of saving

  2. … “Invert” when rescaling, and sometimes if I rescale the red zones. Workaround: I just make more virtual walls and try not to scale them. The ones I created early on when the map was still small retain their small or large sizes, so I tend to keep those around.

The latest beta app update should have fixed this for you. I had the same problem, and now room editing and virtual walls work as they should. Try it out and report back.

Thank you! 2.17.31 seems to have splitting working! I can’t wait to test it!

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