Vacuum battery specifications

I purchased a Wyze Vacuum which i was looking to send to New Zealand as a gift. Only to realise that there are restrictions regarding sending lithium ion batteries to NZ.
Could someone please give me some specifications about the Lithium battery.

  • how many Watt Hours does the battery have?
  • Does the total Watt-hour rating (Wh) for “each cell” exceed 20 Wh per cell?
  • Does the total Wh for each battery exceed 100 Wh per battery?

Thank you for your help as i couldn’t find any of this info online.

any Wyze support people here?
Wyze email help centre keeps giving me silly responses, doesn’t look like they even read the question properly!

You’re better off giving support a call. The forums aren’t actively monitored by Wyze employees.