Vacuum advanced learning location tags

I searched and found map editing in the Wishlist, but not this:

Vacuum software will tag each location it gets stuck at, if multiple hits around the same area, perhaps the map can tag and avoid that area in the future.

I have a TV stand that is the perfect height for the robot to get stuck right below, it has already several times in a 3 day cleaning span. Actually it has gotten stuck more than once in a cleaning cycle.

Also, many times the vacuum runs out of battery before getting back to the station to recharge. There is a tag for where the station is located, why is it going so far away cleaning when the battery is getting real low?

It tries to get back in the shortest path, but sometimes the path is not straight (like calculating distance in the very old days of Yahoo maps). Then it has to sort a complicated path, but it is obtuse to always try the straight beeline to the charger.

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Yep, this happens to me frequently as well. Getting to see flags on the map with locations where it has been stuck previously an incident reports would help identify hotspots that I can deal with or set no go zones around :slight_smile:

You can set no go zones in the map editor, but it would be nice to see on the map any areas that it had issues in so you can pick up those cables / whatever it got caught on etc. or mark it off limits in the map.