Vacation mode and multiple bulb fixtures

Most of my light fixtures tale multiple bulbs. Id like to see a way of “batching” bulbs so they will follow the same on and off schedule for vacation mode.

If you put the bulbs in a group, you can turn vacation mode for all of them on/off with one switch.

Check the Support link, top right, for information on how to create device groups.

Yup, Right now I’ve a fan/3 light fixture. With the three “dumb” bulbs on the fixture was often too bright.
With the Wyze Bulbs I can now easily turn two bulbs off and get the level of light I need for responding to posts. Or I can easily turn all three on at max to look for something.

I did not know that. Will all the bulbs in that group turn on and off at the same time ?

Manually…yes. In vacation mode, sorry, I don’t know.

I haven’t tried out vacation mode but if you go into the settings in a group there is a toggle to turn on vacation mode and if you go back and check the individual bulbs settings after turning this one toggle on in the group settings you will find in the individual bulbs they are also turned on for vacation mode
Now Testing

Confirmed , when setting toggle to vacation mode in the group setting all bulbs in that group will turn
on/off at the same time.
They will turn on to the brightness and color temperature that you have the group set to.
Unfortunately it doesn’t say anything about this in the bulb’s user manual

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