V4 thumbnail delete

So I can’t figure out how to mass delete all the useless thumbnails on the V4. On the V3, when you simply format the SD card, everything is gone. If you format the SD on the V4, all the thumbnails are still “somewhere” and accessable. All I’ve figured out so far is click on "all events* and then scroll down each day to the bottom, hit “select all” and then delete. It’s a major PITA to have to do this, when a simple format should take care of this. Anyone else figured out this downgraded version of the V3? (Definite buyers remorse…bought for the ability to read licence plates, which doesn’t work,nor is anything watchable at night)

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I don’t think there are an inexpensive cameras that can read licence plates on a moving vehicle. My V4 works at night.

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Yeah I didn’t expect it to read a moving license plate. My car is 40’ from the cam with a straight shot at the plate and it isn’t readable in daylight or dark. I’ve messed with all the infrared settings and still don’t get a clear view at night, whereas my V3 would capture foxes, coyotes, rabbits etc clearly. I swapped the V4 for the exact same spot as the V3 too, so it’s not like it’s a different environment. Disappointing.