V4 Encrypted downloads?

So I just bought the V4 and I need to be able to download, edit and share videos. I can watch them on an android phone but not save them or share the downloaded video. What am I doing wrong?

You need to make sure you set the permissions on your Android device to allow Photos and Videos.

To save a video, tap on the Event Video and start watching it, then tap on the video stream and you will see a few icons appear at the top right. Tap on the download icon as shown in the following picture.

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I know how to download. The downloaded video will not play and cannot be sent to another person. How do I break the encryption to share the video. The OG camera is shareable, but not the.V4?


I just did a download on my Samsung S24+ and then uploaded to Google Photos. Downloaded it to my laptop and in all cases it played without issue.

It did save it as an mp4 file, which is pretty standard.

What extension did it show when you shared it?
What device type did it fail on?

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