V4 Detection Zone Granularity

I am thinking of buying a Wyze v4 cam to learn about its capabilities compared to the v3 cam.

How useful is(are) the Detection Zone(s) within the v4? Can you selectively mark out areas for detection or non-detection?

I noticed my v3 detection zone lost the ability to select an irregular pattern to select areas of concern. On the updated firmware of the v3, all I have is a single rectangle with no fine tuning.

Does the v4 cam have a more granular selection like the old v3 firmware or does it have something different as far as detection goes?

I looked in the shop but could not find detailed info.


Due to the huge amount of feedback, I may try Tapo. :laughing:

Please don’t go to the dark side :rofl:

Here is a screen shot from my v4. Does this help?

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Yes the V4 has the little squares to poke and hope. I don’t us any detection zones so I don’t know if it actually works.

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Like everything else Wyze, it has worked for me about 90% of the time

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I’ll do a test later today.

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Yes. Once I zoomed in I could see the little squares instead of one big square that was stretchable.

Thanks for pulling me back into the light.

Thanks. That is what I am looking for. Tapo has multiple stretchable squares, but I may prefer the v4 method.

Too bad they messed it up on a newly re-added v2.

Some of the other cam companies have some very different and interesting Detection zone capabilities.

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I may need to buy one v4. Sounds like a good cam. Still looking at Tapo.

You should join to the dark zone and report back the difference :smiley: I have been monitoring their reddit and forums and I know for a fact that Tapo will timeout after 5 minutes when you livestream even if you are on the same local network. Also, I don’t know if they have the simultaneous camera livestream which Wyze does (up to 4 in landscape mode, not counting Wyze Web Live).

Also, I wonder how is their Alexa integration ? Wyze has person detection notification which is quite handy for me. I think only a select few Tapo cameras have that specific Alexa integration feature.

That’s not good. I will have to do more research and purchase through Amazon.

Their ID process is free. I remember seeing 2 channels. I never saw channels on Wyze. I like my v3 cams.