V3's in stores

Just wondering when the v3 cams are scheduled to be in stores, as i like picking up items in person

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Probably years before available in stores. Wyze can’t fulfill preorders.

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Then hmm. I wonder what is the turnaround now for ordering through wyze?

only one way to be sure, but it is probably going to be 4-6 weeks. Right now they are about 6 weeks behind.

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2-3 weeks ago I started seeing some Wyze Cam Outdoor’s in the wild at my local Home Depot. (mind you the price was $69.99 for the starter kit + a 32GB SD card)
Not sure if the V3 timeline would be similar or not.

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My completely uneducated guess would be a few months after the actual release (non preorder)

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Lol thank you for all the replies. At this point I’m getting a bit annoyed. I don’t understand personally why companies don’t focus more on core product releases versus new niche items. That, along with sending demo products to say youtube individuals for review, for public consumption, and then taking months to years to deliver said items to the public(supply problems, etc).

I would think(and I could be wrong), that for example wyze would sell a ton more of the v3 cameras versus say a smart watch… Mm, maybe, just my thought process…

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I ordered my cameras on November 13th and I just saw a notification that they should be delivered via FedEx today. So, that puts them at about 7 weeks since I placed my order. They should probably have all pre-orders out by late January I am guessing.

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Just got my V3 cam yesterday and am utterly amazed at the night vision quality (both B&W and color)… its so good, it seriously looks photoshopped!. I regret not ordering more on pre-order because replacing the V2s with V3’s is now a no-brainer for me once they are available for purchase. I was in a holding pattern on buying any more Wyze products because of all the pre-orders i’ve been “patiently” waiting for delivery on. My thermostat arrived last week and is perfect in my garage. and this V3 is the real deal.

So question is this… does anyone know how i can get on the list for more V3’s as soon as possible?

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Wow… Just wow… Sorry Scott…

Yes, “patiently” is the key…

Ordered October 27th (credit card payment taken that day, BTW), today is December 30th, still hasn’t shipped. I have a completely useless tracking # from FedEx, can’t cancel the order since it is, supposedly, “in the warehouse for shipment”. They really are one of the least customer-friendly companies with which I’ve ever done business …


Sorry for your experience also. I guess my situation could be worse according to the experiences you all are having…

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I actually went ahead and ordered 3…