V3s Captured Doorbell Ding, Dong, Ditch at 1:12 am

So my side yard outside V3 captured this video alert of three boys running at full speed at 1:12 am.

Which made me wonder what they were up to to cause the sprint through my side yard. I scrolled back through a V3 indoor, through triple pane and screen, front bedroom window to 1:12 am to see why.

I got a chuckle out of the fact that two of them took off at a full gallop way before the third kid rang the bell.

I also noticed the light was still on in the teenager’s windows so I suspect that had something to do with the early morning antics.

I’m really impressed with the speed at which the doorbell ringer ran. Must be an athlete with that stride.


Most likely (probably in this order too):

  1. The house of some girl they have a crush on and are too scared to talk to (at least in person, but maybe sometimes just on some kind of social media if they have it)
  2. A friend they like that they’re just messing with
  3. A [nonpopular] kid they feel they can somewhat bully out of boredom (for drama and excitement) without significant social consequences
  4. Some adult who once tried to teach them responsibility in some way

At least those were the main reasons kids in my neighborhood used to doorbell ditch houses when I was growing up.


@carverofchoice Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. #1 has my bet also.

What light through yonder window breaks ?

As long as they aren’t lighting filled brown paper bags on fire on peoples’ front porches, it’s just teenagers being teenagers.

I’m glad folks didn’t have video doorbells and Wyze V3 cameras when I was that age or I would have constantly been in trouble.

Thing is, I’m going to bed earlier and earlier these days, so I’m glad they aren’t ringing my doorbell (yet).

Of course, I think most people in the neighbor know me as “the crazy guy who has all those cameras” at his house.