V3Pro won't show up on Android tablet

What is the minimum Android version required? The camera shows on my cellphone app but not on my older tablet.

If your able to install the app it should have full functionality. Is your device list just empty on the tablet? Are you signed into the same account?

Same account. The tablet will not Update the app. I suspect it is the Android version since the V3Pro shows on my phone and my tablet is running Android v6X. What is the minimum Android version for the V3Pro cameras? The V3’s work normally on the tablet.

Oh, yea you need to have the app up to date to support the pros. I believe google play is taking a long time to approve the update, and this is causing issues for android users. @carverofchoice can you confirm?

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Yes, a while ago Wyze made upgrades to their app which would not work with any device running less than Android 7. So Google play will not even show it as having updates anymore.

So if you have a tablet with a lower OS version, it can no longer get app updates for version 2.22 or higher and the V3Pros require an app version higher than that.


Thank you for the confirmation. Cheers from Texas.

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