V3 Won't Show Up on Android Tablet

I just got around to loging in and viewing my V3 cameras on my Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet. After logging in, none of the V3 cameras show up. All of the V2 and the pan cameras are fine. Does anyone have any clues as to what’s going on?

Probably a different app version.

I have considerable trouble with v3 on my Samsung Tab A and Tab S3. Both tablets randomly lock up since adding 1 v3. Also the v3 will just present a black (no video) “picture” (randomly) if I change from a group to the v3 and back to the group. When you say the v3’s dont show up, do you mean they aren’t listed or there is no video?

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This is becoming a trend. A few people using Android emulators reported the same problem.

I am not an Android expert, but I do use a cheap Amazon Fire 10 to view my feeds. I had similar issues (and still have a few), but I resolved the worst of them by clearing my cache and quitting the app before or after updating.

V3s were definitely an issue until I did that.

Cache is under the Account tab > App Settings > Cache files > Clear.Then Quit the app (important for me, anyway).

My Fire 10 is not supported, but you with regular Android devices can submit logs with a description of your issue.


Can anyone recommend an android app that will automatically clear the cache on selected apps so I do not have to labor through the deep menus?

Good idea! I’ll give that a try. Thanks

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Update: I deleted the app from the tablet and then re-downloaded it. Everything is working fine.