V3 waterlogged

Does anyone know how to open a v3 camera? Mine is full of water from being outdoors and unfortunately it was the free one from the vacuum promotion so wyze doesn’t honor warranty on it. It couldn’t handle indirect rain, not exactly living up to ip56 and is now full of water. I put it in a desiccant bag and now, three days later, there is still water in it. I know this because if I insert an sd card and immediately remove it then it comes out wet. I guess the waterproof rating is actually how well it holds water. :wink:

Here is a video that is all about adding an external antenna to a V3, but the first part of the video is how to take the V3 apart.


Thank you!

Update: I’ve gotten the water out but I couldn’t tell what was the point of infiltration. I resealed the camera with marine sealant and we will see how it goes. I am going to take my other v3 apart and give it a good sealing as well even though it’s not yet a problem.


No warranty on an item just because it was an incentive? Hmmmm

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Huh, second post this week where Wyze is being stingy about honoring their warranty. Not good. I consider these disposable and wouldn’t bother - $20, come on - but if someone else goes to the trouble of sitting on the phone then the warranty should be honored.

I did get it opened and dried it out then I hit it with some electronic component cleaner and now it’s working fine. However, the water infiltration killed my SD card and that’s a problem. I still can’t figure how the water got inside? All of the seals were fine so it was either around the speaker or around the camera lens, both of which seem unlikely but they are the only points that I couldn’t inspect properly.