V3 timelapse, external power & without internet?

I’m looking to set up a V3 camera with an external power supply and have it do a timelapse of my backyard patio being built, I don’t think my internet will reach as far as I need, is it possible to hook the V3 up with a big battery pack and have it run a timelapse, without internet? How do I go about doing that?


Set up the Timelapse while the camera is powered from the battery and in WiFi coverage. Then move the camera and battery to the desired location WITHOUT killing power to the camera. It should record properly as long as you do not kill power to the camera. Presumably you will need to charge the battery during the construction, so make sure you can do that WITHOUT interrupting power to the camera. After the construction, take the camera and battery back to WiFi coverage. Only then can you kill power to the camera.

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I would test the process before you do it for real.

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One of the problems you are going to have with moving the cam to an area without WiFi is that you aren’t going to be able to setup your field of view in the app. There will be no way to be sure you have your field of view recording what you want. For that, you have to have the cam on WiFi and Live Stream active.

If you have power at the deck, I would suggest an extension cord to power it. But, once it has its power source and it boots, use a second phone to produce a WiFi hotspot, log your phone into that hotspot WiFi, and do a new cam setup (no need to delete the cam from your app if it is already installed) from your phone onto the hotspot WiFi. Once installed, you can live stream the cam and point it to capture exactly what you need. Setup the Timelapse and let it start the Timelapse recording.

I know that the Motion Activated and Continuous SD Card Recordings will continue after the WiFi is removed, but I don’t know if the Timelapse will start or continue without WiFi. I have never tested that so I don’t know if the Timelapse start schedule is saved to the cam or if it comes from the server. Someone who has done it can confirm which scenario is the case.

Make sure you use a big enough SD Card to hold it all. Nothing worse than the card filling up half way into the Timelapse schedule.

You will want to do a test run like @K6CCC mentioned over a timed interval so you can calculate how much your card can hold based on how long you plan to run the Timelapse.