V3 spotlight glare

V3 spotlight was creating excessive glare. An experiment with foil tape visor seems to help in reducing glare without remounting camera.
before spotlight

with spotlight
with visor
experimental visor with butyl adhesive foil tape
could use some type of slip-on extension to front of spotlight to reduce light leakage to sides

I noticed the glare also. I thought it was because it was under the eave and was reflecting of of it. I’m going to try this and see if it helps.

I agree. My neighbor has yard lighting across the street and it Destroys my V3 night vision ability. Porch lights ruin it too…

Remote mount v3 spotlight in black styrofoam grocery produce box. Fairly easy to cut hole in box for cable. Used butyl sealer for windshield and cable water sealing to stick box to aluminum and fiberglass screen. Still visible glare reflected from above, but none from screen.
v3 and spotlight in remote box

spotlight off
spotlight on
Night vision light on

Maybe possible to put a dark tube in front of the camera lens to block reflection of IR light from the screen

Could you aim the camera down so that the roofline is not in view of the camera? I am sure that is your issue because the eve soffet is in view and reflecting the light back at the camera. You can keep that view if you want, but then I’d suggest pushing the camera forward so it’s at the edge of the eve, with nothing on top.

Are you able to get the camera that you want to use the irs on infront of the screen? Why are you using the spotlight or irs anyway, the areas appears well lit without them?

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I used Black electrical tape for a sheild. Has anyone tried polaroid glasses? A lens from a cheap pair of “clip ons”?

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Trying to deter mystery visitors from parking in a dark area and pursuing unknown activities from 00:51 to 1:08 with headlights off. Mystery car pulls in, turns off headlights and parks until 1:08.

Headlights are off until 1:08 then car backs out
The v3 sees in dark better than I can so area may still be dark enough to be inviting for mystery visitors. Am just glad they didn’t litter and they didn’t make noise. Would like option of triggering a wyze switch with a higher power light to motion detect.

Probably smoking weed. Get a pair of binoculars.

Hope better lighting will discourage unwelcome night visitors

Turn the night vision off if you’re using the spotlight or have bright lights in front of it turn off the IR.