V3 Spotlight Firmware Beta Test 1/26/2022



  • Adjusted backup partitions

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Backup partitions make lots of sense when we were talking about a harddrive or something else that processes and stores a lot of data (laptop, phone, etc).

Interesting to see this for a Spotlight or any other IOT device. I never thought of that. I can only guess that it is dividing limited memory space on the circuit board just in case there are future problems, so that it can be reverted back to a previous firmware or settings easily. Maybe if the spotlight fails to load on the primary partition, it will simply switch to the backup partition and load based on the old firmware, thus making it very unlikely to ever brick. Sounds like a good idea and precaution that will definitely be helpful in the long term. I never thought about partitions on IOT devices before, but this got me thinking that they’re probably a decent idea where possible as long as a partition doesn’t increase the risk of corruption/crashes. Interesting idea, I think I like it. I’ll install this on my spotlight when I connect it back up.

Updated without issue, however after the update when I went into the device accessory I got a notification to shop for the spotlight even though I already had one on the camera.

It only happened once. It was not persistent.

Spotlight firmware update successfully applied to a Spotlight connected to a v3 cam running Cam Plus Lite, but spotlight is now inoperative. When I attempt to change anything in settings, I receive a brief “Connecting with Spotlight” message, but still can’t do anything on the Settings page. If I back out and try to access the Spotlight, I receive a “Something went wrong” message. If I powercycle the cam, same scenario/error messages are received. Will try a few things later today before submitting a log file.


Updated 3 spotlights without any problems.

I updated several and they all went smoothly… one disappeared from app and cannot loaded back to any cam. I guess contact customer service for replacement?

I’d first try rebooting it then reinstalling it from scratch, but customer service will walk you through all that first too. Replacement Is a last resort after all the troubleshooting, but contacting them will definitely make sure they help you figure it out one way or another :+1:


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