V3 Sharing Video to Wyze for Correct Label Bug

When trying to share an AI mislabeled or no label video with Wzye on my iPhone 13 Mini, any movement of the phone makes the sharing screen move to top. Then I have to back out and start again being sure not to move the phone. The same moving the iPhone issue used to cause the label(s) I toggles to un toggle. Wyze won’t admit there is a problem and has been unable to help me solve it. I’ve tried rebooting the cameras, rebooting my iPhone. Deleting the App and reinstalling it. Nothing is working.

That sounds like the auto-orientation sensitivity of your iPhone is too high if the slightest move is causing that to occur. I am not extremely familiar with the settings options on iPhones, but with Android it is possible to at least calibrate the sensors used for orientation. I haven’t seen this happen on my test iPhone, and certainly not on my Android.

Has anyone else seen this happen on their iPhone, and what have you tried to get this to act more normally? Do iPhones cause this screen to shift around when it senses a change in the orientation sensors (ie: the ones that normally switch it between Portrait to Landscape and back) or something?

I’m not having this issue on my iPhone SE 2020, just tested now.

Is there any chance you have your iPhone being mirrored to a TV? I found that when mirroring the auto orientation gets really messed, especially with the Wyze app.

AFAIK IOS doesn’t let you calibrate or adjust auto orientation sensors at all.

Does this still happen if you enable orientation lock?

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I have this happen to me about 75% of the time. It seems to only happen if I attempt to share an AI mislabeled event while the event is playing. If I pause the event and then hit the “Yes” button it doesn’t happen for me.

iPhone 13
iOS 16.3.1

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This is not an orientation problem because as I said any movement of my phone used to cause it to un toggle an event label that I tried sending to Wyze. At first I thought maybe the app saw me via the camera and did the un toggle but I later realized it was any movement to the phone. But now it hasn’t un toggled my label changes but instead it’s doing this new thing.

I’m hoping someone else with an iPhone 13 Mini running iOS 16.3.1 can see if they are having the same issue. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Wyze right now and have never had so many software issues with camera’s before.

I have an iPhone 13 mini. Great device. I am on 16.3.1 in iOS.

So the steps to replicate are…
Ensure portrait lock is turned off on the phone.
kill all apps running.
Launch wyze app.
click on events.
remove all filters I have on cameras.
click on person in top left to filter out videos that i know have been tagged with something in AI.
Scroll through hundreds of videos and click on any random video.
At the bottom it reads, “help us improve AI by sharing this one video with Wyze.” with a “Yes” button in green.
While playback is taking place, click the green Yes button.
A menu pops up with many options on it, and right now the Person button is highlighted in green.
Try wiggling the phone from left to right during playback - no issues like your are experiencing.
Replay the video. Click the yes button. Try holding it completely still during playback. no issues like you are experiencing.
For me, I don’t have back out and start again.
I also do not have the issue where the labels are toggling on and off or whatever.
If I rotate the screen from portrait to landscape it moves things where they should so i can still watch the video - the buttons go wider in landscape to fill the space, and I can rotate it back and forth.
AHA - I see the issue now.
Steps to replicate:
Hold the phone up vertically, straight up and down or at a slight slope maybe 5-10 degrees.
Hit play/replay on your video.
Click the yes button.
popup is displayed as it should be
before clicking any buttons, tilt your screen down as if you were going to lay it flat on your desk.
The popup jumps up blocking the video just like you have displayed up there.
I think the phone thinks that when you lay it flat or over 15 degrees tilted it is behaving as if you tilted it from portrait to landscape mode, except it only moves that popup box and not the rest of the video window.

I should be a usability tester for wyze, except they couldn’t afford me.

There you go Wyze peeps - steps to replicate this bug.

Would love to hear if other iOS users see this issue.

My app from the about page is 2.40.0 (15).

based on my prior response, I think you should test while holding it still or on a stand or in a car mount or something.
If it is flashing a lot or back and forth a bunch and you aren’t moving the phone, that sounds more like a broken sensor in your phone or something.
maybe even a phone setting possibly.
my wife has hearing aids paired to her iOS device, and it messes with the out of the box sound settings quite a bit. If you changed anything like screen timeout or something - I really don’t know iOS settings too well - maybe that is sending a signal to the wyze app that you aren’t holding it still.

Also - if you have a significant other in your life, and they have an iPhone also, you can install the wyze app, log in with the same login and password, and test on their device (assuming the settings aren’t all jacked up).

Just some suggestions.

I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max and I just replicated the exact same issue. But it is such a rare action for me to take, it really doesn’t impact me.

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As I already stated, if I don’t move my iPhone then the issue doesn’t happen. Nothing is broken in my phone nor is it a setting in my phone that is causing the problem. And like I said, the issue used to be that it would un toggle my tag choices, because my phone would move slightly. But this issue doesn’t happen anymore. Now, it’s this new issue with the tag screen moving up. It’s all related to movement of the phone and the fact that others are having the same issue, tells me it’s a Wyze software bug. More issues with Wyze software, big surprise.

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Yes before creating the steps to replicate I typed above, I had never seen this happen before either. I don’t tilt my phone while viewing, and I seldom ever tag anymore. When it first came out I would tag every one of the recorded events. Then I did about every 3rd one. Now i do them about every 3 weeks. Don’t see too much change by tagging them. if they are tagged wrong - like a pet walks by and it calls it a tree - I might fix it if I even bother to look. Really I just filter on people to reduce the hundreds of events I have to scroll through.
Also if you haven’t figured out that while looking at the list of events, you can click on one (the earliest one) and swipe to the left to go to the newer one. I continue this way. If you have a filter on - like for ‘people’ with cam plus - it is a faster way to go through the videos.

i would love to be able to watch events online vs. on my phone. is that coming or out yet? Thanks.

I don’t go out of my way to tilt my phone either but my hand can move even ever so slightly, which is enough for the bug to happen. I don’t use filters because as I have said in the past, often it misses people so I end up having to view each video to make sure.

You can view events on webview, I don’t think you even need cam plus for that.


It would be great if looking at events it would show you how many events were on that day. It shows like 20 at a time until you scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll, then it updates. Every day I would have 300+ videos to view through. I don’t have that kind of time. Filtering by people – even if AI misses some of them – is better than watching all those motion videos when a tree blows in front of the camera or a car drives by – 150+ cars a day – no good. But there are accidents and people walking their dogs and going to and from school often so there are and will always be a lot of videos. Also a lot of people steal mail in our neighborhood. So better to have more videos in the feed that I don’t watch than not have enough. Free storage is a huge bonus. Wish we could pay to keep them longer than 2 weeks – 6 weeks would be great for me.