V3 shared with others is not being listed in their Wyze App even after accepting share

I installed the new v3 and it shows up fine on my primary phone as it should.

However, when I share it to my wife as I have done with our other multiple v1 and v2 cameras, she cannot see it listed on her Samsung Tab S4 tablet even though she has accepted the share.

She does have it on her android phone, however.


Did she update the app?


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Definitely make sure the app is updated as @kjay mentioned! Also make sure that the email for the receiving account is correct.

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Thanks @Brlepage and @kjay.

Email is current. When she goes to Google Play store there is no prompt to update.

Is there a downloadable file that we can update manually?


Is the app version installed on the tablet 2.15.21? You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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If she searches “Wyze” the app should come up and you’ll see an “update” button if it needs updating.

Issue resolved.

It turns out that while smart phones seem to Auto Update apps when required, our tablets require uninstalling and reinstalling the Wyze App for the update to occur.

I will investigate to see if there is a secret setting I am missing.

Thanks for your help!


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