V3 SD Playback 1min Behind Livestream

Continuous recording with SD card

In ‘view playback’ I used to be able to scroll to the current time and it would be the same as watching the livestream. But now it’s about 1 min behind. So if I’m viewing the footage on SD card, the only way I can see what’s actually happening right now is by switching back to livestream view. It didn’t use to be like this.

This used to happen once in a while on one random camera but now it’s happening on all four of my V3 cameras always. I have tried syncing the time on all cameras and resetting them, but this did not help.

Does this happen to anyone else?

That depends on where in the minute you happen to be when you start viewing playback. Files on the card are written once per minute, so as I understand it, there is no way to view playback in the current minute.

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I do know that the videos are saved in 1 minute intervals, but it’s always ~1 minute behind no matter what. As I mentioned previously it was never always like this, and I’ve checked my cameras every day for the past few years. It’s only recently that this has been 100% constant on all cameras. I would pin my money on an update, maybe I should test on some old firmware… hmm…

The current minute is in the camera’s memory, and isn’t written to the SD card until it is complete. Been that way for the 3 years of my experience.

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