V3 reboots every time I press the siren button

Just got the V3. Every time I press the siren button, or press the microphone button to speak through the camera, the camera will emit a short sound from the speaker and then the camera starts to reboot. From that point on the camera is unresponsive to anything including a restart. The only thing that Iv’e found that works is a full power-off reset.

If you are using the standard power supply and standard length cable I would suggest you return/repair the camera as defective. If you are using a longer cable I would assume it’s not getting enough power (and that you’d need to rework the cabling).


I agree with @Customer on the issue probably being power related. The V3 has the same requirements as the V2 -5v/1 amp. I would suggest trying with a different cable and power adapter of those specs. If that doesn’t help contact Support:
Live support is available: +1-206-339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT. This should give you a quick resolution, but you can also reach them online at Wyze Support.


I can verify through testing that this is a power issue. I had the same problem and went through technical support. It is telling that supposed experts in Wyze equipment are so unqualified and uninformed as to not be able to figure this problem out or provide suggestions. Wyze Support reps should be fired and replaced with true technicians.

That said, I was running my V3 cam through a USB port on a Belkin BZ103050-TVL 1 amp. This just doesn’t have the power considering it also holds two other devices including my Wyze Lock Gateway. Wyze should know this and advise this when sending out equipment. It appears that when the alarm is on and the camera is running, the draw exceeds 1 amp. That would mean that the tech specs are WRONG (“Power Adapter: Indoor 5v/1A”). No surprise that Wyze staff can’t see big picture and just see the quickest way to market.

I am looking into the 2.1 amp version of this unit, but I may have to go a different route altogether.

Now that my alarm is functioning. NO WAY that’s 80db. Attached image shows reading from calibrated (tested with known sounds before reading) Sound Meter on Android phone. Phone was held 1/2" from camera with no obstructions. One more lie from Wyze.