V3 pro zero second clips

Set up a V3 pro yesterday which has 2 weeks of free camplus. Just notice all clips are zero second and got error code 06. Any idea?


ALL mine on the v3 pro are like this. error 06.


How very sad to hear.

The clips are fine yesterday but not today.


Wondering if this is specific to the Trial CamPlus.

I circumnavigated around the trial on install because I have the Unlimited CamPlus with lots of license room and I didn’t want to fiddle w\ the trial.

Assigned one of my open CamPlus and am getting video events.

But, I have been getting some that are just the green question mark that won’t play… Have been getting that on the V3 as well though after these last FW updates. No error code tho.


Just checked. The clips from 7:30pm PT and later are fine now, non-zero and no error message…


Are any other cams of yours working, just not the v3pro?

All other cams have been working. The V3 pro is fine too now.

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Hi @catcat1386 - can you please share your device id for V3 Pro?

Meanwhile - can you try power cycling the device?

just message you my v3pro mac no.

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I’m seeing the same thing on my V3 cameras. I get the 0 second clips with just the green question mark. It just started happening after the last firmware update. Both cameras are subscribed to cam plus. It has to be something in that firmware. I never had this issue prior to updating to


Same here. 0 seconds.

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Same. :frowning: v3 Pro.

This thread is getting monotonous.

Sounds like a great opportunity for @WyzeBaohua to collect some MACs and do some majick…

Wyze is already working in the thread :point_up:

I am sure providing some logs wouldn’t hurt.

I’ve had this on both my v3 pros, no issue with v3. I managed to fix the first one by changing event recording settings. I had it on smart detection only and then toggled on all events and then it started recording. On this device, I have smart detection disabled, and all motion events on. Nothing seems to work. I guess I’ll reboot it when I get home.