V3 pro with person detection events marked on SD card while recording 24/7 with NO cam plus subscription?

Hi. I moved away from Wyze v2s about 2.5 years ago. Long story about why that I will not get into. Fast forward to today, one of my Eufy cams is acting up and when the Wyze v3 cam out with starlight sensor I frowned but when I learned you had to get their cam plus subscription service to make person detection work on it I smiled and stayed for the most part content. Now I am looking at getting a new Eufy outdoor wired cam for $80-$100 (depending on if I catch it on sale) or $50 for a Wyze v3 pro. The big elephant in the room question here is what will the person detection interface on the Wyze app look like for the v3 pro when using an SD card without any cam plus subscription while recording 24/7. If person detection events are marked on the SD card recordings WHILE THE CAMERA IS ALSO recording 24/7, NOT JUST EVENTS, then I am sold as this is the interface I get with Eufy that I cannot let go of. However, if Wyze is still doing something wonky with person detection on the v3 pro for the SD card, while 24/7 recording, by somehow forcing cam plus to actually make it nice and usable or continuing to separate the SD card 24/7 recording feature from the person detection events without integrating them both together then I will figure out how to stay content with Eufy. I think no one will really know until the v3 pro ships but wanted to start a dialogue about this and provide a place for people to respond once they get their v3 pros up and running. Thanks.

Published by Wyze:

Without a CamPlus Subscription, Person AI Events will still be recorded as a snapshot thumbnail, with a 5 minute cooldown period, to the Events tab. Those snapshots should then be linked to launch to the SD playback where the Person Detection logo should be shown on the timeline when the event occured. This works when the SD is set to Continuous Record or Motion Event Record.


Thanks for the info. That one single line about keeping the 5 minute cool down period is a big NO for me.

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