V3 Pro runs very hot and doesn't stay connected

I had my V3 Pro a while, was fine but didn’t really have a home/need so I left it off for a few months.
Returned to it recently, connected fine, saw video and got a notification or 2. Then realized it wasn’t sending notifications, so I see in the app it shows offline.
Light is still on, so I power cycle, and it came back. For a short time.
This time I noticed it was very hot, especially on the screw head on the bottom. I powered off for a while to let it cool, then retried with same issues and observations.


I think I have seen someone else report the same thing, but my two of them are fine. One is used as a dashcam in my pickup so it is mounted to the glass behind the rear view mirror. Therefore, it does get pretty hot from the sun (especially if the truck is parked in the sun), but it’s still working.

I have the exact problems with my V3 pro

Mine don’t seem to be running very hot, but I have several of each generation of camera and my v3 pro devices ALL have regular connectivity issues that are only solved with a power cycle. One of them I did a full reset like 8 or 9 times and since then the issues seem to be less common, but the rest of them are offline much more than they’re online.