V3 Pro doesn't like moving vehicles at night

My V3 Pro always records vehicles at night with the lights on coming down the street at 2X speed it looks like. The same thing every night, maybe the headlights confuse the cam which is recording at 15 FPS to change to something faster? It records the raccoons, possum, cats and people walking their dogs at normal speed, just not vehicles coming from the left. Both the cloud video and SD Playback are like this.


That is interesting that it only does double speed for vehicles.
I had a V2 that did it at night for everything, but only in nightvision.

The camera should only record at 15fps in nightvision mode. Strangely this is acting like it’s recording in nightvision 15fps and still playing back in daylight fps (I think 20fps?).

If anyone else notices something similar, please say so.

Was this on Cam Plus or the SD card? Do they both do this, it just one of them?

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Another from about 3:10 AM this morning. This is the newspaper guy and I know he doesn’t drive that fast because he shows up on a V3 I have on the side of my house at normal speed. I also don’t like that the Pro darkens the video so much when my flood lights come one, it does the same thing if I use the V3 Pro LED spot. It has been like this since new in November 2022, I just deal with it for now but might move my V3 back to the front. All day time videos are ALL normal speed.

Is that the production FW or one of the past two Beta FWs?

That is a downside of higher resolution cams (not just with Wyze)…they have a tendency to not perform as well in low-light conditions because there are a lot more dark artifacts from having so many pixels.

Production Firmware from December 2022. This also brings up a point I asked before. There are no directions on how to flash a V3 Pro. On the V3 you have to rename the file, does the Pro file need to be renamed to something?

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So far as I know the V3Pro has the same factory reset and flash procedures as the V3.

The file in the .zip download should already be named recovery_wcv3p.bin to work appropriately. I don’t use iOS, so I’m not sure how Apple\Mac deals with the file naming.

Yes that is what I used (recovery_wcv3p.bin) when I had to flash the camera after the update failed to load properly in December. I didn’t find any directions so I just used the V3 procedure without renaming the file. I have no issues with daytime videos and vehicles are all recorded at normal speed in 2K. I set the cam to SD last night and it made no difference. Maybe I will turn the night vision on tonight and see if it does the same thing (2X speed). I don’t need the IR lights on since I have enough lighting.

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The new Beta just came out, so that might be an option also.

Night vision in Auto, normal speed but I really don’t like night vision on.

So weird. If it starts as Nightvision then it runs normal, but if it is in Daylight mode at night time then it goes double speed. That’s the opposite of what I’ve seen in the past where it it switches to double speed.

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