V3 Pro Camera Problem

I am on the Wyze Android version 2.49.2(392) as well, and it still happens to me frequently throughout the day (V3 cameras do not have this issue).
My procedure is to close the Wyze app, put my Pixel 6a in Airplane mode, then take it out of Airplane Mode then I can get into single live view on my three V3 Pros (from group camera view).
So Toggling Airplane Mode does the trick for me.

One good thing is I have the Floating Window Icon on my V3 Pro single view screen, a lot of Android folks do not have it, on multiple devices.

Hello! We fixed several issues in 2.50 and have already released the 2.50 beta version. Are you in our beta program? If so, do you mind updating the app and doing another round of testing? Thank you so much for your patient!

2.50 is being held hostage by Google, but should be available soon:

I was not part of the beta, but I just joined to get 2.50 as soon as possible and give you an update. I’m waiting for 2.50 beta to reach me.

Just installed 2.50.0.b404. V3 pro single view live stream issues are not resolved. Log files 1323413 and 1323427

Strangely enough, with version 2.50.0.b404, when I wait for the live stream to be displayed in single view page, the connection fail after 3 attempts. On the other hand, if as soon as the words “Starting up a secure connection” appear, I change application and then return to the Wyze app, the live stream feed appears…

That may be why in the current non-beta 2.49.4(402) closing the app and doing the Airplane Mode toggling works for me (to allow single live view on the V3 Pros).
I’ll have to try your method out when it starts failing on me again.
On another front:
On your V3 Pro do you have the floating window icon on your single live view screen?
If so do you use “light” theme or “dark” theme?
Dark theme seems to make the floating window icon disappear on me.
Light theme shows the floating window icon.
Good Luck

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Thanks for the report! Our engineering team will look into this and we will try to fix this before the official release!


For some odd reason, many of us haven’t seen the v3 Pro floating window icon under Android. I’m finally seeing it under beta app 2.50.0.b404 for Android that was pushed out this morning, but only with Enable Hardware Decoder toggled on and only under Light Theme. Same as you… switch to Dark Theme and floating window icon disappears. If additional logs are needed, let me know.

Yes I can see the floating window icon in light mode in 2.50 beta but not in dark mode.

Surprisingly, by testing this I notice that single view live stream of v3 pro in dark mode is working without having to exit the app…

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I am not a beta tester, so I only have the production 2.49.4(402) Android app.
After working in the yard, I came in, and could not get the V3 Pro into single live view. I remembered to try your trick (instead of my Airplane mode toggle)!
I pressed the home button (I use three button navigation, not gestures), then pressed the app overview button (right one) to return to the Wyze app, and it worked!
It did not do as good a job as the Airplane Mode toggle though because I had to do it again when I went back into the app after exiting the app (much easier solution than mine though).
The Airplane mode toggle seems to last longer for me (if that makes any sense).

Thanks ScottQc
This may help the Wyze programmers with a permanent solution!

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