V3 Power Cord Control, Support, Holder, Anchor, Routing Accessory

Hello, People.
I have been working on mounting V3 cameras on windows for various neighbors and friends. Most want to get a better view of people approaching their property by having their through-the-window mounted cameras aimed as needed while others may want to aim a camera into a tree to view birds or some other activity. Regardless of what the window-mounted camera is aimed at, it is a good idea to reduce strain on the camera from the weight of its power cord.
Noticing how some small electrical appliances maintain power cord control, I drew up some small tape mounded cord anchors. One version is for the V3 ribbon power cord and the other is for the round 3mm dia. USB power cord. Both units measure 10mm x 25.5mm x 51mm. The 25.5mm width was picked to allow a good fit with the width of command tape, 1”.

Below are some pictures of these units being used:
In the first picture, the cord weight from a V3 supported by a compound angled, camera holder/shield is held by a 3D printed cord anchor.

The next picture below is a close-up of the flat ribbon cord anchor.

The last picture below is a close-up of the 3mm dia. USB cord.

These cord anchors work by friction, they are not glued in into the anchors. Both of them were printed for free at my local library. Below are links to the STL files for the units shown in the pictures above. The files are free to download and print.

V3 Ribbon Cord Anchor.stl

V3 3mm Cord Anchor.stl

Soon I will be making available free, about 100 STL files for V3 through-the-window mounted camera holder/shield units that cover different combinations of aim angles in increments of 5°.

Till later, Victor Maletic


Hello, @dujuang
Did the links to the two kinds of cord anchor types work?
Your local library may be able to print one very cheap or no cost to you


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