V3 Pan Cam Randomly Disconnects

Just recently purchased, received, and installed 3 V3 Pan Cams around my residence. I utilized the supplied power source with no extensions at all. My wifi is currently Xfinity’s highest available option for my location at 1200 mbs and I have no issues with any other devices aside from 2 of the 3 Wyze Pan Cam V3. The devices LED on the front will start blinking blue and I am randomly unable to connect to it via the app, and the only way to fix it and actually be able to view the device is by unplugging and re-plugging the device back in. Considering returning these as it is pointless to have cameras that randomly are unuseable.

It probably is the WiFi equipment. Check the speed the camera is connecting. That figure is at the top left corner of the live view.

How far are the problem cameras from the hotspot? Most ISP-supplied WiFi’s range is mediocre.

I will have to check the speed if a camera disconnects again, but typically it is connecting at HD speed when it is working. The one that has disconnected the most is the camera that is the farthest from the router and it is a Xfinity wireless router, so I assume that could potentially be the issue. But the 2nd camera that has disconnected also is in a room where the router is directly outside the rooms door, so pretty close.

Even if the camera is close to the hotspot, it might be in a dead or marginal spot. I have a camera separated from the hotspot by a wall and the connection is marginal. I have a couple of cameras even farther away and have no connection problems. It all depends on how I orient the WIFi antennas.