V3 Pan Cam offline

My v3 pan cam has recently been going offline…

Been working 3 months without an issue then suddenly went offline. Power cycle and was fine for a week…power cycle then 4 days…now I have to power cycle it every day. Changed out the AC connector with no positive results.

At first it was code.nintu something now it’s saying network issue…the router is literally 10 feet away and ALL my other wyze cams a lot further out have no issues

I’m really getting irritated with this. Gonna try swapping out the cord this weekend and see if that fixes it


You’re not alone:

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Can you provide the following:

  • App Version you are using
  • Firmware of the Pan Cam V3
  • Do you have an SD Card in the camera

Based on your post, it looks like you are power cycling the camera. However, if you have not, can you try the following:

  • From the app, clear Cache. This is under Account > App Setting > Cache File Size select Clear.
  • Optional: Format the SD Card if you have one in it
  • Since you have an Android: Close the App down, Long Press the App and select App Info. Then do a Force Stop followed by going to Storage and Cache, clear Cache here as well. Restart your Phone or streaming device.

Try to connect and see if that helps.

One additional thing you can try is to setup the camera again. You don’t need to remove the camera from your app. When you go through the setup, you will put your SSID and Password in and it will reestablish the network connection.

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Ill try clearing cache but this shows on all 3 different devices of mine (2 cell phones and a tablet)

Cant find the version app on my devices but the App store verifies updated on Set 12, 2023
Pan Cam V3 version
Yes I have a Wyze SDCard in it and reformatted the 2nd time it went offline just in case. The 3rd time it went offline, I swapped SDCards with a V2 Pan cam and reformatted both after switching. The V2 Cam is still going just fine.

I fail to see what the app has anything to do as It affects my wife’s phone and my Tablet…cycle power and everything works until next time. RIght now it says Connection Timed Out. Last night when it did this I cycled my Router just in case.

I have 2 V3 Cams, 2 V2 Pan Cams and 1 V1 Cam ALL still working flawlessly. ONLY the V3 Pan Cam (that is also closest to the router) is having this issue,

Have you tried setting it up again without removing from the App?

Yeah I’ll try that tomorrow I drive semi truck and I’m not going to be home till late tonight I got a new cable coming in tomorrow too so I can kill two birds with one stone…

I’ve seen other people has had issues with the version 3 Pan Cam and since I’m gone for 5 days a week from my house is vitally important my camera stay working

Good luck. My camera stopped working after the update. None of the troubleshooting helped. I came to the forums looking for help since support was a big joke. Looks like I’m stuck with a useless camera.

+1 here…

I have three wyze cam pan v3’s and they’re constantly disconnecting, and I have three Cam v3s that are same distance and all and rarely have issues. These are my third or fourth round of Pan V3 replacements… what’s going on.

Exactly I have version one and two of Pan Cam two version two of Cam and one version 3 of cam in operation right now and they all work flawless. Sound like a lot of people are having problems with V3 pan cams maybe if we scream loud enough wise will do something about it

Count me in the panv3 hell hole.


I’ve got you all beat. Through the years my Pan V1, V2, & V3 have all had stuttering time stamps, along with the annoying video that comes with it. It’s highly intermittent. I’ve gone through 3 routers, tons of positioning, and currently have a hardwired Eero Pro6 just 3 inches from the V3. I can still only get a reliably stable pix in SD or 360p. I saw a post, I believe on this forum, where someone had determined there was a cold solder joint where the microstrip antenna is attached to the PC board. Now, for all three models to have that same issue - that’s just RF “Real Freaky” ! I have 6 other various Wyze Cams, and have never had any issues with them.
At any rate, I found a good tear-down video, and rather than just looking for & repairing a cold solder joint, if it does exist, I plan to install the cutest little rubber duck antenna you’ve ever seen. Where else?, Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B1PNJ8XX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Connector: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MM88N6J?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

Will post my results ASAP.
Bye Yall’

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I want to join the ME TOO movement. Totally fed up climbing a ladder to reset Pan Cam V3. Installed smart plug to shut off at 12am and on again at 12.10 am. Still suffering disconnects and failed to load to cloud and error this and error that regularly. After much discussion with Wyze, they offered me a gift. Why would I want anymore crap? Can someone recommend another supplier of a better system?

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Ill be honest I have the V3 Pan, V2 Pan and V3 Cam couple V1 cams, Outdoor cam, 4 smart bulbs 2 of the Deadbolt locks (the original and the fingerprint) the scale, the Robot Vacuum and the heater thermostat control. Did have the doorbell but after demoing a Ring I went that direction. EVERYTHING else works absolutely perfect. ZERO issues with anything. And I’ve had some of those for 4-5 years.

The V3 Cam is the only thing being problematic and to be honest I didnt have an issue for the first 3-4 months of owning it then suddenly last month started disconnecting.

WYZE is a good brand I just wish they would nip the V3 Cam issue in the butt before it begins to ruin thier reputation. Of course, this is my personal experience and Im sure for every one of my experiences there is probably a direct counter lol

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There is 100% an issue with the Pan V3. I get it’s your job as a support agent, but the standard “have you cleared the cache/is it plugged in” stuff is not the answer to this.

The first thing that needs to be done is for you to have your software engineers look into the current firmware, specifically where it is meant to attempt to reconnect to the network after a disconnect, and determine why it is not happening. The disconnects would not be as MASSIVE an issue if the camera was able to reconnect after a few minutes; as it stands now, once it disconnects it won’t connect to the network again, even with 100% signal strength, and even if you wait days. Power cycling immediately fixes it, so the issue is 100% that it’s not attempting to reconnect to wifi.

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Seven days later, nothing. Seriously? Can we at least get a, “we’re looking into it?”

Some of us use these cameras for important things like home security or looking after people that are easily injured. This is a big deal.

I wholeheartedly agree…I get it things break and I would much rather see a response like : Hey everyone seems some of you having issues and we are aware, were trying to find out what’s causing these problems with some cams, please be patient…instead of complete silence after the initial index card readings

To the rest of you with this issue - a mod told me the best place to get an actual staff response is in the monthly “fix it Friday” thread. Posts there are upvoted to gain increased visibility. If you have this issue, please go upvote the post linked below and hopefully a staff member will respond:

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Better hurry and vote on the above link then. Jason said he is tallying the votes for this month’s event sometime this morning:


It seems when I mount my V3 pan cam camera upside down and use the 180°. I start losing connection to my Wi-Fi. Does anyone else have the same problem?

What do you mean by upside down? Do you mean the rotating/camera part is at the top and you have to flip the display in the settings, or with it hanging with the camera/rotating part at the bottom?

I started off with mine the first way - camera on top - until I realized they were better when mounted the other way and swapped them. Had the issue both ways.

It seems unlikely that flipping it over would specifically cause connectivity issues unless there’s some, like, freak occurrence where when it’s flipped there is something inside shielding the antenna… but even then, it’s not like an IR signal that goes in a straight line.

Are you 100% sure it’s not just a coincidence? A ton of us are dealing with disconnection issues (and it failing to reconnect).

Don’t forget to like the post linked above in the fix it Friday thread if you have issues.