V3 often doesn’t motion tag when floodlights turn on

So I’ve noticed this ever since I got my floodlight 8 months ago , a lot of the time , when i walk out , v3 motion tags me , floodlights turn on , the v3 will not motion tag no more .

I assume bc the floodlights wash out the v3 real quick , but often times it also does motion tag.

Really weird behavior , I need this to work just in case it detects a person after the floodlights turned on

Anyone else notice this ?!

Still experiencing this . Basically before the floodlights turn on , the camera will motion tag a person , and then when the floodlights come on it will not motion tag anymore .

I’m assuming it’s because of the lights being bright and the motion tag box doesn’t know what to motion tag after the bright lights come on.

Able to post a video example of this occurring? A visual aid will help the group here with troubleshooting.

My guess is that you answered your own question. When the light turns on there isn’t much contrast between the subject and the foreground/background. Whats your sensitivity set to?

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The issue isn’t more so the green box disappearing after lights come on , bc I get that the light change is too much and the box doesn’t know what to track but it’s more so after the lights come on that it fails to motion tag for the rest of the event

But I still notice it will record as long as it detects motion

Sounds like a bug then. Submit a log and evidence of this occuring then contact Support so they can forward it on.

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