V3 offline, re-setup doesn't work

V3 on back patio showed offline. Tried to reset. Nope. Even turned off the 5ghz wifi just in case. Please advise.

Several things you can try. Make sure your phone is connected to the 2.4Ghz network. Turn off your cell service temporarily. Turn off private network address in the phone network configuration. Double check your SSID and Password to be sure there are no extra characters or spaces at the end of them. Also, as the message says you might need to reboot the router/wifi AP.

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I’ll try the reboot. Everything else is ok.

Another stupid question (I can call it that since it bit me), are you out of DCHP leases?

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I never encountered this. Not saying it’s not possible, just want to know what happened in your case.

No it ended up being the sd card was preventing the setup. Just ejected it, setup complete fine. Weird right?

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I’ve seen people post something like this in the forum before.

But I was responding to WildBill about his “router out of lease” post.

Had a PanCam that blinked blue/red and wouldn’t connect. Used my guest network and it connected right away. Found out then that the subnet was out of leases and expanded the scope which fixed the problem.

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My camera doesn’t work… very frustrated. Watched countless videos and working on it 4 or 5 seperate times since acquiring.

I don’t have a SD card in the device. I have tried to hold it for 5 minutes on SETUP nothing. It is a 2G network. I have a working camera set up in the household… same make and model.

Holding the setup button for extended period will just factory reset the camera. To configure/add the camera to your account should just require a short press of the button and then you should hear “Ready to Connect.” If you don’t hear that message, setup isn’t starting.

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I can not get my V3 to connect to the local network. I’ve tried all of the above, positive on the password, 2.4 network, rebooted the router, disabled the cell. It simply won’t connect. I am wondering about my router, it connects some thing fine others it can not connect. It is an ASUS AX WIFI6 router. I have talked to ASUS but solutions are not there. I suppose I might be able to disable WIFI6 but what’s the point of buying one? Like I said some devices (mostly newer) connect fine. I guess not the Wyze, it must be a legacy network adapter.

Well I solved this problem. I threw away the ASUS router and bought an Orbi instead.

Copy never herd of orbi we stay with li k-sys and netgear and Motorola