V3 motion detection

Ahh I see you have camplus, what are your camplus settings? Is it just the “tagged clips” that you are missing? Is vehicle detection enabled?

A1 events on, motion on 80% sound off

All other motion off

Post the NOTIFICATION settings.

If you call Wyze support, you’d be asked these same questions.

Notifications on like I said, it has no problem picking me up when I walk out into the driveway into my zone but it can’t seem to pick up a car a big giant explorer or a Honda Accord nope can’t see that

On for cars and people detection

Your cam doesn’t record a big giant explorer or you just don’t get a notification? Don’t wait around for a notification of a car pulling in your driveway if you don’t have all other motion events turned on. The AI for vehicle is wacky, My cam is set for AI only, vehicle/person. If I walk past my car parked in the drive the notification will say person/vehicle. If I drive up no notification with AI events only turned on but it works with all other motion events on.

I will give it a try thank you

Well I gave it a try I turned on all notifications and at night time it constantly goes off every time a car drives by even though my zone is about 20 ft from the street. During the day for some reason the zone seems to work fine. These cameras they pick up pixel based motion which is not very good very prone to false alarms. I have Arlo cameras they pick up progressive infrared motion and they work 10 times better very few false alarms if any.

Which is why I have AI events only turned on. With all other motion events on notifications just keep coming :open_mouth:

You said in a previous post that you had all notifications on all right. So I gave it a try I tried turning on all notifications constant false alerts previously I had AI events only and that doesn’t work either it cuts down on the false alarms it’ll pick me up when I walk in the driveway but it will not pick up cars coming in and out of the driveway back to where we started from again that’s where I’m at now

And there are probably 10 or more other older post here about the same issue, Vehicle detection doesn’t work with AI only on. maybe someday??? Here is one of many:

Arlo is also 5x the cost of wyze and is a more mature product.

And 10x better

Do you have a Detection Zone defined, and firmware (where there are boxes to granularly define the zone)? I noticed after this last firmware update that I wasn’t getting any recordings of events that would have been recorded before. Such as my wife backing out of the driveway (have a recording of her returning later…). I turned off the Detection Zone, so now a bush and clouds trigger events. I’m back to getting all the events it was totally missing the past week. So I’m thinking there might be some bugs needing worked out with this new Detection Zone…

I also see this sometimes with my V3 with Cam Plus.

I see the dog coming back in after he’s done with his business in the yard. But the event when he went out, isn’t there. :grin:

Welcome to the forums! Always after each update, verify your settings to make sure there are where you want them. Not all the time, but sometimes updates include some new settings files that revert your set stuff.

I totally agree. I signed up the vehicle and person detection. It worked for a bit and now nothing other than the normal motion detection. Other than the nice color it gives during the daytime and nighttime it’s definitely not worth the extra money. I also put in an SD card and that no longer works either. Don’t know if it’s a bad card or the heat here in Las Vegas and it’s not even 100 yet.

I don’t know what to tell you - My V3 always picks up vehicles going down my street and so far no problems with sd card - The only problem I have is the 09 , 07 etc. error codes I get when trying to play back video clips and that is with the V2 and V3 cams - I wish they would fix that :slight_smile:

I switched to another company after being a die hard Wyze supporter and early backer. I still think they have good products (despite the Wyze Cam Outdoor) but they nag you constantly to sign up for features other brands give you for free and after about what seemed to be ten emails a day soliciting paid upgrades I made the move and left. That being said I still had a V3 cam (probably my favorite of their lineup) in my spare electronics drawer and I decided to mount it 15 feet up on the apartment building overlooking the parking lot. I set up my detection, zone and notification settings and I have yet to receive one notification of the cars going in and out of the parking lot. Like you said, good night video but no motion recording or notifications. Anyone have any ideas? If I don’t get this fixed then I’ll have to switch out cameras with another brand. problem is I don’t like their magnetic mount. Thanks!