V3 labeling people events as motion

I have a v3 overlooking my front pitch and for the last 3 weeks or so it’s been a bit hit or miss with people detection

So i walk across the frame and it’ll label me as motion 50% of the time . The other 50% as people events

This has happened before a few months ago , where from out of nowhere my v3’s started labeling people events as motion .

A fix I found was by deleting the camera , adding it back , and assigning the license and it fixed it instantly

I haven’t had the time to do this fix but I’m thinking this will fix it . Will update later on when I get to it

But has anyone else experienced this ?

I would try this as well:

  • Live Stream the Camera, go to settings and do the following:
    • Turn off all notifications including any AI settings
    • Back out and then Turn off All Event Recording, including AI
  • Back out to the main Home Page and go to Account
  • Remove the Camera from Cam Plus
  • Go back to Main Home Page and Live Stream the Camera. Go to Settings and Reboot the Camera
  • Back out to the Home Screen, go to Account, Cam Plus and Add the Camera back
  • Live Stream the Camera again and turn on the Settings you would like for Event Recording, including any AI settings. Then go to Notifications and Turn on Notifications and any AI settings you wanted as well. If the AI option is not available in Notifications, simply turn off notifications back out the main setting screen, turn off Event Recording, then back out to the Live Stream Page. Now go back into the Settings, turn on Event Recording and make sure all the settings you want are set, then go to Notifications and turn on the AI Settings you would like.

When adding a Camera to Cam Plus, it selects a default list in Event Recording. This auto selection seems to not signal to the Notification Menu that you have Cam Plus. Turning off Event Recording and back on, seems to correct it.

Then test and see if it is working better



Will try that as well , thanks