V3 is slow to connect

One v3 camera was offline when I opened my group this morning , i wasn’t at home at the time so I could turn it off and off , waited about an hour and the v3 ended up connecting.

I have a camera group , But the v3 doesn’t load initially , when I open the live feed it stays on 1/3 connecting and I have to click on the camera and just have that camera open for it to finally load

Made it to my house and I turned it off and on but still experiencing the issue .

What to do ? Thanks

Have you tried taking them out of the group to see if that makes a difference?


Join it again to your network. Sometimes a unexplainable hiccup occurs. Nothing you did. Just add it again with the same name to your network.

I recently had to do two myself. A dozen times off/on didn’t make any difference, until I “added device”.


Yes I removed that camera from the group and it doesn’t make a difference

Waited an hour now and it’s now fixed . It loads immediately.

Definitely gonna get this mesh wifi soon , thanks Spam . :+1:t3:


Yea, probably will be your best bet given the issues you have been experiencing.


I’ve been having the similar issues, I’ve removed and rest the camera 3times and am getting feed up with having to do this. I have it mounted to a post outside. I want to know if there’s a way to keep it connected? None of my pan cams disconnect randomly. Is there an update or something else?.

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All that I did was remove the camera from the group , and then added it back to my group. Hours passed and it still took a bit longer then usual to connect

It’s now all good , connects immediately. All i did was disconnect it from the power and connect it back when it first when offline .

It ended up being a guessing game , only this one camera was slow the rest of the 5 cameras had no issues . Didn’t restart router or anything , it fixed on its own

This fixed if !!!