I just purchased a basic unit because my son loves his (multiple) units. I got the v3 and my firmware is uptodate ( I am a Cam+ member (trial so far). I have a 32GB SD card installed. EVERY NOTIFICATION POSSIBLE IS TURNED ON and my son has had me match his settings. I have the Detection setting at 90 and the zone configured (sound is low - don’t care about sound). The only event turned of is sound.

I have YET to get one notification of anything passing by that lens. Nada. Nunca. Nuthin. I’m really annoyed because that’s the primary reason for my Amazon purchase! I’m bewildered why it won’t work!


Do you have “Push Notifications” enabled under the account settings? Go to the Account tab, then notifications, then Push Notifications and make sure it is enabled. There is also an icon on the home screen that looks like a little bell. If the bell has a few “z z z” in it, Push Notifications are off. Just click the bell to enable them.

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Sooo it looks like you have the notification side of things good to go, but what about your EVENT RECORDING settings? Notifications are triggered off events so no events, no notifications. You didn’t mention anything about event videos in your above post. Is anything thing shown in your event tab (with filters off)?


Notifications have been on from first install - no “zzzz” on bell. Still nothing.

BINGO, thanx, Tony! <whew!>

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All working now? You can hit “solution” on my above post so that others that find this thread with the same issue can skip to the resolution. Thanks in advance!

Done. Thank you again, Tony. I have my Apple Watch receiving notifications and now things are outstandingly good!!!