V3 has a gray area

My V3 cam picks up the mail carrier and anyone else who walks up to the front porch, but it doesn’t pick up my uncle when he leaves in the morning or returns in the afternoon. The only difference, visually, between him and everyone else is that he wears gray all the time, even on weekends. Is this a common issue? Has he figured out how not to be spotted by the camera?

Interesting observation.
Did you try to increase the sensitivity?

Confirming this camera is a V3? You tagged the post as a V1 or V2 camera. Are you referring to cloud events? What are your sensitivity settings? What about your detection settings? Do you have cam plus or cam plus light on the camera? You have any video examples? Any other pertinent information you can provide will help troubleshoot, thanks in advance!

Do you have Cam Plus? Just trying to eliminate the 5 minute cool down of a non Cam Plus account.

Also, I have my v3 camera Sensitivity set to 90. For me, this seems to catch all motion with few false triggers.

Yes. I moved sensitivity up and down. I did catch him twice at high noon during summer and he lingered at the mailbox. But no recordings of him otherwise. Turning sensitivity higher does get non-stop alerts when car headlamps shine on the porch. Other notes: behind him is a dark brown fence and he walks slowly. Perhaps gray clothes and dark brown fence has no contrast for camera to spot.

I confirmed the camera after creating this topic and realized it was a V3 not a V2. Sensitivity landed on 53 - between catching people and going off at every car headlamp. No cam plus. Not worth it if it catches everyone except the “man in gray,” day or night.

I was wearing gray pants and a gray sweater yesterday and I got captured by three V3 cams, a V3 Pro and even two of my version one WCO. All cams are outdoors.

You might consider trying Cam Plus Lite Name Your Own Price (Including Zero Dollars). You get Person Detection Tagging of videos and can set your sensitivity high and filter your Event Video viewing to see only videos Tagged as Person (not car headlights).

If this single individual isn’t being captured while seemingly every other individual is being detected and recorded, I don’t see how the service can. Remember the detection trigger is in the camera itself, not in the cloud. If it doesn’t detect this one person, no one on the cloud side is ever going to see it to decide whether it’s a person or not.

What you say is true if you leave your Sensitivity at 53. My thinking was having service like Cam Plus Lite would allow you to increase your Detection Sensitivity and be able to filter your viewing of Persons only if that is your goal.

I’m going to up the sensitivity to 100%. I’ve tested this before but maybe some firmware upgrade has since improved detection. If it doesn’t capture this one person then it’s the fault of the camera unit itself. Maybe another camera. No-cost troubleshooting for $25 cameras is acceptable.

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You could be running into the cool down then. When the person wears n gray is in front of the camera, has there already been another event within 5 minutes previous of that?

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With 100% sensitivity, the camera did not capture him walking to his vehicle. It did show the vehicle’s lights turn on and drive away, two mornings in a row. Other cams around the house didn’t show him walking some alternate path to his vehicle. I can try zero detection and continuous recording just to make sure he’s not teleporting to his vehicle.

Arnt you watching from SD card footage anyway? With no cam plus you should only be getting thumbnails in the cloud. As i asked above, was there another cloud event within 5 mins before he walked to his vehicle? Could you share a video of this? Do you have a detection zone that excludes the walk to the car but includes the cars location?

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There’s a camera at the gate people walk through and another camera looking at the street. Neither camera detected anything until his vehicle lights turned on/drove away. Even with a 5-minute cloud delay the SD card would show something. There’s a vehicle passing 2 hours before that and another vehicle was detected an hour later. During the day the V3 picked up a cyclist and the mail person at different times. So it can detect people and vehicles. I’ll turn off the night color feature and see if it picks him up.

Turn the SD card recording to continuous. I highly recommend that option whenever possible so you always have the option of going back on coverage to find something, takes the event “detection” out of it and makes sure you have it on card. Downside is yes, no notifications from the SD card itself but at least it’s there.

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Switched to continuous recording and turned off detection area. It detected my uncle but only by the tan package he was carrying. It failed to get any of his movement before or after that occurrence.

The continuous recording is not easy to go through. No smooth FF or RW and the camera keeps disconnecting when I jump 5 seconds at a time.

This isn’t working out. IDK IDK

But we like Gray :raccoon: :grin:


This reply is just for fun…

Is your uncle a ghost? Maybe he’s not being recorded as a person because he’s really just an apparition! I find it odd that the cam picks up other events/people but ignores him. Why is he so special? Could it possibly be related to temperature? Is he cold/hot and not being seen as enough difference based on temp? I could see it ignoring some things based on color though, like they do for the weather forecasts where they actually do it on a greenscreen (the weatherman actually doesn’t have the map behind him. It’s just a blank green canvas and the weatherman is added in to the video of the map.) There’s got to be a reason it’s not picking up your uncle!

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Maybe I should put a bowl of food by the gate to get uncle to slow down for the camera.

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