V3 Event Duration Display VS actual Video Time

So I was testing the notification speeds of the V3 and Doorbell since the V3 received new FW.
To set this up:

  • Dorrbell is on CamPlus but is only set to notify on All Motion and Not AI
  • V3 Driveway Cam is also set on CamPlus but set to Notify on AI and not All Motion

V3 Issue:

  • I see the Events for the V3 Cam. One shows 5 minute recording but when I play the event, it is only 13 seconds. - It was 5 minutes as I was there testing. Because it was 13 second review, It did not alert on a person when it should have
  • Another 5 minute recording is only showing 49 seconds.
  • Another Driveway recording says 27 seconds but when I play the event, it shows 25 seconds.
    Seems the actual recording time is not what is saved in the events.
  • I checked other V3 camera’s and see that most of the have a 2 second difference unless it is a long recording.

V2 Issue

  • I have a video which is 2 minutes and 22 seconds. When I play it, it shows 38 seconds.
  • The sub 1 minute video is seems to be ok


  • Does not exibit the same thing - but I only have video < 1 minte.

So I firmly believe this is a bug which seems to be adding to the perceived delayed notifications or missed events. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I submitted a log on this. Log #168448


I have not noticed or tested this yet, and I doubt I will have time to test it today (Monday afternoon/evening/night is my most busy time of the week business-wise), but if you get a chance, will you check and see if any of the above performs differently while the camera is in night-vision mode? I have had some cameras in the past with similar issues (event time mismatches) that change and function completely correctly when night vision is active at night.

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Will do the test.

Thanks for the response.

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Had another video on my driveway early this morning. Video Length is 4 minutes 50 seconds. When I play the event, the play time is only 54 seconds. See Picture below:

Here is the Event on the Event tab: Driveway Cam 4m 50s

Here is the Event playback page: 54s playback only. Same Video as on the event page

Provided a log on this one: Log #: 168869


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