V3 during night vision has blue or orange spots

my V3 camera has blue or orange spots during night vision, anyone know what could caused this thanks and stay safe

Welcome back @jsui.z28!
Is your camera pointed in a window?
This could be the status light on the front of the camera. You can disable the light in the camera’s advanced settings.


hi thanks for the fix I should have checked that LOL be safe


happens to the best of us :slight_smile:

Was that it? The status light during the color at night?
“Night vision” mode should be black and white, so having colored spots is an issue. That what I thought when first reading the post.

Hi now I’m having problem with my other V3 outside cam works intermittently earlier today worked but now error code 60 n 90 . Looked at device setting no WiFi now but all my other V2 n V3 are working ok. Maybe I should’ve gotten something else :laughing: thanks and stay safe

Yes so far yes it’s fixed thanks

have you checked how good the wifi is where that camera is? im always amazed at how much faced insulation can block signal…it’s like a tin foil hat for a house :wink: