V3 dropping off line

I’ve 2 V3’s and a V2 outside monitoring my driveway, all with Samsung 32GB EVO sd cards. Yesterday one V3 that has cam plus dropped off the net (showed the crossed out cloud saying “This device is offline”) and I couldn’t turn it on via the app despite plugging and unplugging several times over the course of about 4 hours.
Since It’s outside on a second story and the other 2 cams were working fine I put it off until today.
Today when I checked it about 0700 CST it was back on line, fully accessible and I could replay the missing time.
When I first noticed it was offline, about 1400 yesterday, the last recorded event was 0527.
Today it’s showing events from 1111 on that were not showing yesterday.
So two things here - how did it drop off line and why were events recorded when it was showing off line?
Any idea what happened?

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The same here, I really don’t want to drag out a ladder to inspect the camera, especially since it is currently one degree outside.
Power cycling the camera through the app doesn’t fix it
Please post a working fix when you get it… Thanks

I didn’t find a fix. And who keeps marking the check box for solution in these threads?
It’s NOT solved.

Since we have had over 17 inches of snow & temps in the single digits, I’ve decided to throw money at this issue.I ordered the Wasserstein Solar Panel for the WCO camera.
I have seen on the forums here, where opinions vary on this product based on the solar panel’s charging rate being too low (5v. 2 amps) The way I see it, the internal battery may draw down the battery but maybe, just maybe, I can get the camera to last longer than 30 days.
If I start with a full charge & no more than the amount of usage I currently have, I might get to warmer weather

As a follow up to the Wasserstein solar panel.
I mounted the panel and attached it to the FULLY CHARGED WCO camera
The camera has been carrying a 94% to 100% charge for the last three days. I will do further updates in the future but as of today, it does work!
(many thanks to Wasserstein for the special USB plug head that mates up to the WYZE camera)
Key things are, you must be using the WCO camera & you use must have the WCO camera fully charged, from the very beginning

As another update on the Wasserstein solar panel. We have -3- days or more of cloudy days and the WYZE battery did draw down to 31%. After two days of good sun coverage & the panel angle corrected for my area, the camera continued to draw down. I gave up & manually charged the camera at 28%
I will continue to see how it does, some say a WYZE update is affecting all the WDO’s. My other -3- cameras are only lasting 7 days, so,

You are posting in a thread titled “V3 dropping off line” and writing WCO camera.
Do you mean a V3 or Wyze Cam Outdoor?
If you mean Wyze Cam Outdoor you might get more attention if you start a separate thread.

Sorry but that line was part of a discussion on using the Wasserstein solar panel to keep the WVOD1B1 v2 outdoor camera charged,
I am at a loss as to how that snippet ended up here. I did post a line to support as to the fact that I am having issues being able to keep my v3 wired cameras online.
I sometimes write my discussion in a note, then paste it and I guess my note buffer never fully cleared??
You are correct, the WCO is a v2 not a v3