V3 disconnects when viewing playback

It’s very irritating when you’re trying to view something on the playback from the SD card and the camera keeps disconnecting. Then you have to go to live view then back and start over trying to find the moment you’re looking for on the playback. This happens 50% of the time. I try to find something on the playback and the camera disconnects.


When the SD Playback video disconnects, are you getting an error message? Does the video freeze? Does the SD Playback page minimize? Please describe what happens. Are you able to screenshot it or do a screen record?

Does this happen when you are connected to the same WiFi network as the cam? A different WiFi network? Cell Data LTE\5G network?

In the Cam Settings :gear: → Device Info, how many bars are shown for the Signal Strength?

Does this happen in only one cam or all of them?

With a little more info it may be possible to troubleshoot and isolate the cause.


Thank you for your quick reply. Next time it happens, I’ll take a screenshot and make note of the other things I need to look for. I’m always on the same Wi-Fi network. It happens to multiple cameras. From memory, the playback freezes and I get the error message that the camera is disconnected. I will post a screenshot. Thanks again.

That would be helpful.

Because it is on the same network WiFi and linking directly P2P with your phone, it is happening in multiple cams, and it is loosing connection with the cam during the stream, it sounds like there is a WiFi connectivity issue either between the cams <-> router, device <-> router, or both. It could be caused by congestion or intereference on the 2.4Ghz band, or too many devices on the band for the router to handle. Depending on the WiFi router, there may be settings that can prioritize cam traffic.


What router and device (phone) are you using? I have no problem with this, so I am wondering if a slower piece is interfering with your efforts.


AT&T pace router with 50mps and Eero Pro 6 with 2 beacons and I view on either a Samsung Note 10 or Samsung Note Pro 12.2 tablet.

And yes—I do have a lot of devices. I have about 10 Wyze cameras all over the house plus Roku tvs and computers and tablets.

One test that you can do to see if it is a local WiFi bandwidth \ Router issue is to remove power from distant cams and test the network connection with the closest cam to the WiFi and then start plugging in devices moving out.

Wyze also has an app that support uses to diagnose problems on the local network. That might also be helpful:

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I have this problem as well. I have 4 cameras all over the house will full bars of strength (its a smart home w repeaters in the ceiling)

One of the cam v3 has been reset 10+ times and will not show me any playback. It doesn’t give me any errors - the connection just goes to 0 everytime I press the playback button. I’ve reformatted SD card multiple times. I’m really at a loss.

my pan cam 2 is a month old and basically doesn’t work. Spins on its own. Disconnects and only reconnect for a few moments when I soft reset. I’ve removed the cam and added it 10 times. I purchased this because my original pan cam I’ve had for 3 years also just started spinning and disconnecting and support gave me a credit for a new one. No solutions.

These cams watch my kids and I NEED them to work lol

***I have 2 cam v3’s that work effortlessly. Just the two mentioned above giving me the run around.

What sd card are you using in this cam? How old is it?

SanDisk. New - first use with this cam

Is it a Sandisk high endurance? Does it show up the correct size in advances settings > micro sd card

Actually it’s this brand. And yes the gb shoes up. I have these cards in 2 other v3 cams and no issues.

I doubt it is your SD card.

Because the Bitrate in the upper left of your Playback Page snapshot is 0.0 KB\s, the app is telling you there is no video because there is no data transfer from the cam to the app to show video. The App thinks there isn’t any video because it isn’t getting any file to stream from the cam. Keep an eye on this reading while you are streaming either in live stream or in playback.

My suspicion is that the cam is getting very poor WiFi network service. Assuming that your phone is connected to the same WiFi network when this is happening (5GHz or 2.4GHz), there are multiple factors that can cause this: weak router antennae, router client overloaded, 2.4GHz intereference, 2.4GHz congestion, device too far from router - weak signal. If you are on a different WiFi network or cell service, add to that ISP and Network throttling and congestion.