V3 Cam with RTSP firmware with “Authenticating (2/3)” problem

The problem is that the cam gets stuck on night vision every one or two days. I noticed it from the NVR application (Frigate). However, when I try to access the Cam from the Android Wyze App it gets stuck on “Authenticating (2/3)”. The weird thing is that the camera is still transmitting via RTSP but with night mode on.

The workaround so far is power cycling the camera but the issue keeps happening.

This is the ticket raised with support
log id 479406
ticket id 1840742

Hmm, for vaguely similar issues the workaround people have suggested is temporarily installing stock firmware, making the change, and then reinstalling RTSP.

However, there may be a physical problem with your IR filter sticking. Some have suggested whacking it. Seriously.

thanks, I don’t is an IR issue because after power cycling the camera, it works fine

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Its probably just a possible bug. I see reconnections using Wyze app often. Haven’t gotten around to getting rtsp streaming app up even though do have the rtsp firmware on there.

But, it technically should be able to keep going since after it connects its supposed to just be cam to local device without anything else. Would be interesting to know why it loses the connection but haven’t looked into it, if there’s a log that says.

In programming, you’re doing two streams there when you say it gets stuck from the Wyze app while its still doing rtsp, and that can be various issues there. They even suggest not doing that. Its highly possible there’s a bug with rtsp where it gets stuck that way with whatever the trigger is. You’d need a log. It can be too difficult to try to wing it without a log.