V3 Cam Stops Working with Alexa Each Time a New Camera is Added

I purchased three V3 cameras but didn’t install all at once. Setup the 1st one and after a learning curve was able to view it on my Show and FireTV. Worked great until I installed the 2nd camera a couple weeks later. After the 2nd one was installed Alexa would no longer show me the original camera or new one, however both still worked fine on my phone app. Got frustrated and deleted both cameras off the app and also deleted the app itself. Re-installed both cameras which required doing the full setup on each cam including the selection of WiFi source and showing the QR code to the lens before attempting to view either on an Alexa device. This fixed the issue and both worked consistently with Alexa for a month until I added my 3rd camera. Instantly had the same issue again and had to do the same all over again to fix it. Also before doing the full delete and re-install I tried all the simple stuff I could think of and found suggested here. Also all 3 of my cameras are using a 64G SD card and updated to the firmware version. If anyone has found an easier fix I’m willing to try it again if/when I add another camera because getting to each of the cameras to hit the setup button is becoming harder with each camera add.