V3 cam states it is offline,

We use gosund wifi plugs on all of our camera’s, weather station equipment, if you had the wifi plug you would be all set

With all the firmware-controlled devices I have at both homes, what I really need is one big 100 amp wifi plug so I can reboot everything in the “other” house with one click. :grin:

Nothing seems to help my issue… still no connection

User can power cycle many times, but problem. is in AWS.
Tired 10 times. left unit 30 mins unplugged. none works

There was a brief AWS outage around 9pm eastern last night. A bunch of my smart home devices went down. Could be related

On my unattended house, I asked a neighbor to power-cycle the main breaker and my V3 camera came up fully on-line.

Good news!

So now you just need to setup a new rule so when the camera goes offline again, it will automatically send an email to your neighbor.

Thank You Bill-D!

I get an “offline” message also. I am 600 miles from the camera. How do I create the rule to remotely re-boot. I have not done that in the past. Thanks.

Have no clue onthat we use Gosund a Wi-Fi plug on all of our cameras